Open Sequence In Timeline new in 2014.1

I was reading Scott Simmons’ new feature roundup of the new Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 and was excited to learn about the Open Sequence In Timeline command.


This is a feature I have requested in the past along with many other editors, so it was with excitement I put down Scott’s article to try it out. If you are similarly interested in this feature, I want to point out to you that the command is hidden away a bit.


Click the “Settings…” wrench button in the lower-right of the Source Monitor to access a menu with Open Sequence in Timeline near the top.


If you’re like me and find this command’s location a bit out-of-the-way, you might be happy to know you can map the command to a keyboard shortcut.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.04.28 PM


Another happy outcome of this is that I learned Premiere Pro had a Gang Source and Program command. I didn’t know! Both of these commands deserve easy-to-find buttons in the source monitor panel, but I’m glad I found them in the meantime.

Happy editing.


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