my first go with Indie Essentials

When I heard* about That Studio acquiring the Rampant Design Tools‘ library and making it available as an inexpensive package called Indie Essentials, I was excited. I’ve heard great thing about these elements and now they were available at an incredible price along with sound effects and music. Walter Biscardi has a great review, and Scott Simmons interviewed Kanen Flowers and Sean Mullen about the partnership.

About the same time I started downloading Indie Essentials, a friend of mine working for AudiencePoint asked me to help create a screen recording video to introduce their service.

I wanted some kind of transition device to get from the logo/slides at the beginning into the screen recording, and similarly out of the screen recording back to the logo at the end.

I thought one of the light bloom effects in Indie Essentials might be perfect, and I was right! There is a lot of choose from too. I auditioned the clips in the Aggressive Lights section.

I chose Aggressive, edited it in above the cut point and put the clip into the Screen blend mode.



It was perfect!

Next my friend asked if we could have music under the voice over. Amazingly, Indie Essentials comes with stock music too! I went into the Corporate Music folder and tried out Corporate A Beautiful Day.wav. It played really nicely against the edit. I needed to adjust the duration, but that’s easy sauce, and in no time I had the perfect music bed.

I was really happy with how quickly Indie Essentials gave me exactly what I needed for this project. The price of Indie Essentials is crazy good and I encourage everyone to check it out.


* That Studio founder Kanen Flowers and I are friends, and I am also one of his advisors for That Studio. So I am biased in favor of Indie Essentials’ success.

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