West Coast Game Park

We learned about the West Coast Game Park from a brochure at the Cannon Beach RV park we stayed at, and Sarah Michael was excited to visit it.

She was excited, that is, until she got there.


When you buy your admission you are also offered food to feed the animals that wander freely around the pathways.  The animals aren’t dumb, they know that when people come through the entrance gate they probably have goodies so the deer and pygmy goats and mountain goats and llamas mob you.

This is fun for grownups and some kids, but this is terrifying for Sarah Michael.

We quickly rid ourselves of treats then the animals moved on and SM calmed down.  Only then were we able to wander around and see all the animals.  In addition to the aforementioned free-roamers, the park also has lions and tigers and elk and peacocks and bears and and emus and “rare” four-horned sheep and a lot more.  The sheep are crazy looking, I am certain they’re evil.


They also offer the opportunity to hold and pet a baby tiger and baby leopard and other animals that if they were adults would rip you to shreds.

It was a fun trip and we had a good time.  Sarah Michael is still traumatized from the free-roaming animals, she just got done telling me how she didn’t have a good time today.  That only means that by tomorrow the Game Park will be her favorite part of the trip.


  1. Mary says:

    We are tracking your trip everyday; thanks so much for creating this travel blog so that we may do so! SM-we love you, girl and I wish that River was there to protect you from all the crazy animals greedily trying to get food from you. He and O went to a petting zoo in Wisconsin and River was pushing Orion out of the way to ensure his close hand to animal-mouth proximity. Silly guy.
    Anyways-Jessie, I want to hear more of your reflections too! J
    Love you guys,

  2. Mike Hayertz says:

    You are know the official KING of technology in my book blogging on vacation! I have not seen Sarah since she was only a few years old. How quickly she is growing! PS Our first stop in the new RV is Cannon Beach RV park…did you like it? I have never been there. Enjoy your trip, the last few days will make you feel like you need to get home but the memories last forever…….

  3. wplate says:

    Hey Mike. We did like the Cannon Beach park! It is close-ish to town, has lots of trees and doesn’t feel socked-in with RVs (quite a contrast with where we’re at now in Pacifica).

    Your comment about technology will spur me to post about some of the technology that is making this possible, especially the “live” shot you see in the sidebar. Watch for it.