Wedding for a cousin

When we learned my cousin Shawn was going to get married this summer it was one of the deciding factors that made this RV trip happen.  So today was the big day, Shawn and Erica tied the knot.


A lot of our family flew in for the occasion and it is always a lot of fun when the Plates get together.  All the cousins and aunts and uncles were staying at the same hotel in downtown San Francisco, so we booked in as well, getting us a reprieve from RV life.

So we left Pacfica and headed into the city.  Jessie and I have laughed a few times at how the Jeep kinda sticks out here.  I just don’t see a lot of Jeeps in San Francisco, and ours with months of dirt and dust and mud encasing it doesn’t entirely fit in with the typical California status cars.


After some showering, shaving and dressing, we met up with the family in the lobby so we could all head to the wedding together.

My dad’s stroke of genius in this affair was to rent two stretch limos for us all.  It was quite an occasion, Plates don’t normally travel in such style.

As you can imagine Sarah Michael really enjoyed this.  The 18 of us split in to the two cars and off we went to Treasure Island for the wedding.  The island lies between San Fransisco and Oakland off the Bay Bridge and has an interesting history.  Today many people visit the island for its fantastic view of San Francisco, and we were there for a wedding.

This was unlike any wedding I’ve been to.  My cousin’s new bride’s family has Mexican background and this was celebrated in the ceremony by having a marichi band participate in the music-playing.  One thing that was fun was when the bride walked down the aisle the organ played the march and the mariachi band played along.  The two musical styles were not in tune with each other, so there was some dischord, but it also sounded neat.

The ceremony was nice and the reception was fun.  Sarah Michael danced a lot and loved it.


The views of the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge from the island were stunning.  The reception hall had large windows that looked over the water, so everyone was able to enjoy the sights.

We had a wonderful time and it was great to celebrate with family.

Congratulations Erica and Shawn!

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