Watch for animals next 10 miles

BAHHHHH…….The only wild animals I have seen since the Elk in Oregon are what we now joking refer to as “wild cows” free range and and I saw a dead jack rabbit on the side of the road and some REALLY big birds.

I plead with the people who put up the signs that say, watch for deer/Elk, watch for mt. goats or the signs that were all through Yosemite ” speeding kills bears”.  Today we saw a sign we had never seen before, cougar next ten miles.  Do we ever see any of these animals…NO….so please take these signs down.  The are only teasing us and making people like me sad that there are never any animals to see.  And who’s to say that they will be in those specified miles?  They might actually be roaming outside their boundaries.  They are after all wild animals.

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