USS Pampanito

After lunch Sarah Michael and Jessie rode a merrygoround on Pier 39 then we went over to view a submarine we saw from the restaurant window while eating lunch.


The sub is the USS Pampanito which served during World War II.  Sarah Michael was quite anxious to see it, and wanted to go inside– until she got inside.  We climbed the ladder down into the aft torpedo room to begin the tour and she seemed fine, but once we had to walk through one of the narrow doorways to visit the rest of the ship, she grew scared.  We finally convinced her to go on, but she still wanted to get out.  Every time we’d enter a new room she would pull on my arm and say “Let’s go!!”

It was a fun unexpected tour to take, though Jessie and I would have liked to have spent more time taking it in.


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