The Prehistoric Gardens

Once our tail light wiring problems were sorted out we were on a mission to get to the Redwoods and get our touristing done down there.  But wait, what’s this on the side of the road?  The Prehistoric Gardens?  Oh, we’re going there.


Located south of Port Orfard, it is definitely a blast from the past, but like from the 60s or 70s.  It is so not a modern place, I mean it is kept up, but the whole vibe is very retro.  I’m sure the guy who started it did it out of care and love, with honestly and hard work (all virtues from the magical past).

You can see in the image to the right how our caravan, Jessie and Sarah Michael are dwarfed by the T-rex that greets you to The Prehistoric Gardens.  This wasn’t the only large creature we were going to see.  So check out our pics on Flickr for more.

Sarah Michael was the leader, she held the map in her hands as we walked along the path and was quite excited as she anticipated the next dinosaur we’d see around the bend.

It was really a fun little stop along the way.  Three thumbs up!

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