Mrs. Grossman’s

A couple of weeks back we were at a family gettogether and were discussing with my parents’ pastor’s wife our plans for the RV trip.  She said she had a great suggestion for something to do near San Francisco.  She was right, Mrs. Grossman’s sticker factory is both educational and fun.

IMG_1131.JPGThe tour starts with a video that explains the history of the company, which is interesting.  The company started on Mrs. Grossman’s dining room table in 1979 with a heart sticker design and now they have a 110,000 sq. foot facility that produces over 15,000 miles of stickers each year.

Then we toured the production floor.  Unfortunatly we were forbidden from taking pictures of the factory so I can’t share that love with you.  We saw machines making a variety of stickers and labels, and it was fascinating.

Next we were given little packets containing stickers and a blank postcard so we could design our own postcard, maybe to send to a friend who couldn’t come with us on the tour.


We learned other neat things, like how they give factory seconds away to charities, how they recycle the waste from the sticker-making process into pellets that are used for heat and energy, how they filter the water used to clean ink from machinery so it leaves the factory cleaner than when it entered…

This was a fun thing to do, thank you Joanie for the recommendation!

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