I want to go again!


My friend Mike, who recommend the KOA RV park we’re at, also recommended that we make time to ride the Presidents Alpine Slide in Keystone.

When I saw pictures of the slide I was in.  I have vague memories of seeing a place like this when I was a kid and wanting to do it, but I never got to.  Now was my chance.

Sarah Michael didn’t share my enthusiasm.  She didn’t want to go down the slide, no way.  Jessie was also not-so interested but when she learned the little carts you ride have brakes so you can control your speed and go slow, she convinced SM to go.  They could go slow, I could go fast.

You ride a chair lift up to the top of this little mountain, then you sit on a cart in the track and down you go.  I got down first and watched SM and Jessie as they arrived at the bottom.  Sarah Michael announced as she got off “That was fun!  I want to do it again!”

How could I say no to that?  We paid for another run and went back up.  This time SM wanted to ride with me so she could go down the slide faster.  Jessie went first and Sarah Michael and I went in the next track and tried to catch up to her.  We just about did too.  SM loved it, I loved it and Jessie enjoyed it too (she probably didn’t love it).


  1. Mike Hayertz says:

    We just got back from our RV trip too. Im glad you liked the KOA, we had a good time there last year. Cannon Beach RV was a bit to close together for us. If you ever do this again we loved the Grayland state park on the Washington coast. The RV spots are really spaced apart and I like those kind of RV places. It sounds like you guys are having a great family trip. Are you at the point yet that you feel it is time to come home? If you are extending your stay maybe not? If you do end up really liking this kind of thing we will need to talk you into getting an RV someday and show you all the really cool places we found….If on your way home you need a place for a quick overnight the Vantage, WA Wanapum state park is a great place for some rest before the final push home…….they have some really spacious RV sites right over the river. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. wes says:

    Thanks for the great advice, Mike. Though we’re wondering– Cannon Beach was too close in? How about this Mt. Rushmore KOA? Close in and no trees between the spaces! 🙂

    Talk soon!

  3. wes says:

    Oh, forgot to answer the question. Yeah, we’re ready to go home. Tomorrow we’ll hit the road making our way back to Snohomish. The trip has been great, but it is time to get back.