Crossing the Hoover Dam


Today we left Las Vegas for the Grand Canyon, which means a built-in trip to the Hoover Dam.

The dam is amazing, but right now the new bridge for Hwy 93 is being built over the gorge and it is something to see as well.  The old highway winds up and down the canyon to cross over the top of the dam, and this is a real problem for large vehicles such as trucks.  The new highway and bridge will make this trip much faster, easier and safer.

I hope someone is going to make a documentary about the construction of the bridge, it would be fascinating to see.

DSC00801.JPGSecurity has really tightened since the last time I visited the dam in April of 2001.  All vehicles that cross over the bridge and stopped and inspected.  We had two security guys look us over, one checked the RV’s storage compartments and the other checked inside the RV.

Other than that it was uneventful.

So now we’re in Arizona!

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