Thanks to the movie Cars, even little Sarah Michael is familiar with Route 66.  If you remember the song, one of the stops along the highway was Kingman, Arizona.  Good thing our path to the Grand Canyon went through Kingman, it meant a photo opportunity.  Another good thing, it was dinner time which meant a visit to a roadside diner.

The place was 1950s through and through, and I had to smile at the family from England who walked in with wide eyes and wider smiles.  They sat in the booth beside us and they all took pictures of each other using their phones.

The food was great!  Jessie and I both had burgers, Sarah Michael enjoyed a hot dog and afterward a root beer float.

After a nice dinner we hit the road to continue to the Grand Canyon.  We still had many miles to go, but it was a good day and we were all happy.


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